Looking for Alternate SEO Tool? Try Blekko Search Engine

Looking for Alternate SEO Tool? Try Blekko Search Engine

The success of any online business is largely dependant on the underlying SEO. Great business is only possible when various Search Engine enlist and that too in top position. Getting right the top page of such revered search engines like Google requires not only quality but also some skills. The aim is that users must find the page and then its content must help them with the required information. But some other dynamics like anchor texts, unique content, keywords and SEO tools etc are also known to play significant parts.

Though answers to simple web queries can be easily found on the web but complex issues demand special attention. Blekko is such a kind that it provides vital optimization parameters. These factors can be considered for any type of website. Features like outbound links, indexed pages, inbound links, duplicated content, hostrank, link analysis etc are very useful.

It is simple to search for parameters in Blekko by using its slash tags. It provides basic parameters for every search conducted by the user. Once, the basic procedure is over, there are opportunities to dig deep into more information by using appropriate links. It also provides scope to compare the Sep parameters of two websites. Some of the fields that it takes into consideration are link authority, incoming links, indexed pages, incoming domain etc. This helps because once you know what your competitors are implying to achieve for their rankings you can easily improve upon them to create your ranking.

What is the difference between Blekko and other Search Engines?

There are quite a number of differences in between them. None of the other search engine provide internals that play a crucial role in rank awarding process. It specifically points out which factors contribute towards improvement in the ranks of the pages. It is also important to identify the factors that hamper the process of getting good ranks. Only when a website owner gets to know the problem areas, they can then be successfully solved to generate good results.

If your backlinks and that of your competitor’s are not analyzed in right manner, this will pose a huddle to successful ranking process. Blekko does this process with great efficiency. Blekko differs from other search engines in terms of the slash tags as well. The ordinary web search often lags the extension provided by Blekko. Ultimately, the power lies with the users to get better and relevant search results.

And Blekko will surely give the required results in terms of rankings.


Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kaushal regularly blogs about search engine optimization on Aaris Blog. He has written guide What is SEO?.